We cater for all of your work place clothing needs.


We manufacture for a variety of industries and are always expanding our key areas.
We specialise in the following areas:

We cater for all sizes, custom dimensions and have a broad range of fabrics and colours, we also offer embroidering services which allows you to personalise your workwear. We offer a bespoke service and a full PPE service.
We currently have a 4-6 week turnover from the date of order.

We design in Ireland and own and run our own manufacturing facility in Europe, where we produce all of our garments. This allows us complete control over quality and production.


LCC dual sources its fabrics worldwide from trusted sources and well established connections. This has the advantage of cutting lead times and finding the best quality fabrics. All fabrics have been tried and tested to acceptable standards for durability and performance, both of prime importance within the workwear rental field.

Our garments are manufactured in an extensive and varied series of fabrics and colours, selected with regard to end use and performance requirements. All fabrics are suitable for Industrial and Domestic Laundering processes, and we are happy to provide our customers with information about Laundering on request.

General Purpose PPE garments are primarily offered in a series of different mixtures of Polyester and Cotton blends, and in a number of different weights.

All fabrics have been tested to the highest EN or International Standards, and references to test information are available to customers, on request. Fabrics for the Cleanroom, Food Industry and static control are held in stock, we can also offer flame-retardant or hi-visibility garments primarily to a specialist requirement.

For more complex PPE garments, we provide additional technical and testing information conforming to EN Standards.

Our technical staff offers advice and assistance to our customers in making the appropriate and suitable choice. If you are unsure of your requirement in this regard, please contact us directly for guidance from our team.


As a business, we place countless importance on the strength of good relationships with everyone involved in our company. The well-being and fair treatment of our employees is of great importance and we want to formally represent the real needs of these people and reinvest in their communities.
Our value and quality should never be at the expense of anyone, which is why we take a hands on approach to all our manufacturing.
Our Core Values Are:



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