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LCC dual sources its fabrics worldwide from trusted sources and well established connections. This has the advantage of cutting lead times and finding the best quality fabrics. All fabrics have been tried and tested to acceptable standards for durability and performance, both of prime importance within the workwear rental field.

Our garments are manufactured in an extensive and varied series of fabrics and colours, selected with regard to end use and performance requirements. All fabrics are suitable for Industrial and Domestic Laundering processes, and we are happy to provide our customers with information about Laundering on request.

General Purpose PPE garments are primarily offered in a series of different mixtures of Polyester and Cotton blends, and in a number of different weights.

All fabrics have been tested to the highest EN or International Standards, and references to test information are available to customers, on request. Fabrics for the Cleanroom, Food Industry and static control are held in stock, we can also offer flame-retardant or hi-visibility garments primarily to a specialist requirement.

For more complex PPE garments, we provide additional technical and testing information conforming to EN Standards.

Our technical staff offers advice and assistance to our customers in making the appropriate and suitable choice. If you are unsure of your requirement in this regard, please contact us directly for guidance from our team.

Cleanroom fabrics

Cleanrooms are spaces that maintain low levels of airborne particulate and viable microorganisms; any liquids and gases entering a cleanroom are purified to maintain the cleanliness level. Businesses that operate cleanrooms may include manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, food products, flat panel displays and memory storage.
In these environments, textiles may be used to prevent contaminants from entering, remove contaminants, prevent contamination by people and prevent contamination from new materials entering the clean space.
All our fabrics are product specific. If you require any detailed fabric specifications, please contact us directly.

High Visibility Fabrics

Hi Vis fabrics offer unrivalled standards of performance for high-visibility clothing. They give superior protection to workers operating in low-light and/or potentially hazardous conditions, thanks to the superior luminosity and brightness of the available colours: High-Visibility Yellow, High-Visibility Orange and High-Visibility Red etc. Fabrics are compliant to the ISO 20471 standard for high-vis clothing and are certified for skin friendliness by OEKO-TEX®.

Available in a choice of weights and blends, the mid and heavyweight fabrics also offer the additional protection of Duraclean, our exclusive soil-release finish, or Hydrofoil, our high-performance water and oil-repellent finish, both of which extend the lifetime of the garment and help maintain a smart, professional appearance.

As well as our standard range of high-visibility fabrics, you can choose fully accredited High-Visibility Yellow versions of a number of our multifunctional and dedicated flame-retardant fabrics, for multi-risk areas, or certified EN 1149-3 for antistatic properties and EN 13034 Type 6 for protection against liquid chemicals.
All our fabrics are product specific. If you require any detailed fabric specifications, please contact us directly.

Flame retardant fabrics

Flame retardant materials can be effectively applied to both natural as well as synthetic fibres. Fibres are treated with a chemical which minimizes the fabrics flammability and makes it almost non-combustible. When a fire occurs, the chemical coated on the fabric reacts with the gases and tars generated by the fabric. It converts the gases and tars to carbon char, and ultimately slows down the burning speed of the fabric.
All our fabrics are product specific. If you require any detailed fabric specifications, please contact us directly.

ESD Fabrics

Uncontrolled release from static build-up is a potential hazard in many industries, especially where combustible fuels, gases and dusts are present. It is also equally hazardous to the safe assembly of sensitive components in clean rooms and the operation and maintenance of electronic equipment and controls. One of the most serious risks is from the human body, which is capable of generating up to 40,000 volts of static electricity.

Antistatic fabrics has been specifically developed to provide the very best static control against incendiary spark, electronic equipment damage, attraction of surface particles and to promote electric field shielding all in accordance with EN 1149-1, EN 1149-3 and ANSI/ESD STM 2.1 standards, and all are certified for skin friendliness by OEKO-TEX®.
All our fabrics are product specific. If you require any detailed fabric specifications, please contact us directly.